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Will Jörn Schlönvoigt leave GZSZ?  Here's what he says about the rumors himself

Will Jörn Schlönvoigt leave GZSZ? Here's what he says about the rumors himself

Can you imagine moving more between Germany and Dubai or moving your entire life center there?

“I don't rule anything out and I'm open to new possibilities. Both Germany and Dubai have their advantages, and I enjoy moving between the two worlds.

Is Dubai the new, more modern Mallorca, where you have visited often in the past and have a property there?

“Dubai and Mallorca are two different worlds, but each has its advantages. I'm definitely looking forward to returning to the island in August and celebrating my birthday with my friends and family there.

How do you live and spend your time in the Emirates?

“In Dubai, I wake up early every day, exercise, work on the beach for 3-4 hours with my laptop, meet friends and enjoy the vibrant city life, cultural diversity and amenities that good weather offers. There is always something new to discover and experience “

What was your favorite moment during your time between Germany, Dubai and the Maldives?

“My favorite moment was definitely the time I spent with my daughter. There is nothing better than experiencing new adventures together. Delia often accompanies me on my trips and we enjoy exploring the world together.

What are your plans or goals after returning to GZSZ and when will you start filming the series again?

“I will be back in front of the GZSZ camera from April and I look forward to being able to film new and exciting stories.”

What will happen next to Philip?

“With or without Jessica? That remains to be seen, because until now no one knows what happened next to them in Würzburg. Are they still together? I'm also very excited to see what new developments and challenges Philipp will face and how he will develop further.”

What do you say about the current rumours: have you left GZSZ or are you leaving?

“I can't imagine it at the moment. This year I'm celebrating my 20th anniversary in GZSZ: From Spectator to Veteran – I'm very proud of it and I'm very grateful for it! (Please)