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Move to Dubai: The Geissens no longer want Monaco

Move to Dubai: The Geissens no longer want Monaco

According to the Berliner Zeitung newspaper, the Gesens family is no longer allowed to live in Monaco.

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The Giessens are leaving Monaco and moving to Dubai – but this is said to have had other reasons besides a better lifestyle for the wealthy. One source claims that the emirate expelled the family.

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  • Robert, Carmen, Shania and Davina Jess leave Monaco for Dubai.
  • The wealthy family may have been tempted to the desert state for financial reasons, but the emirate reportedly no longer wants reality TV stars either.
  • The Berliner Zeitung newspaper is said to have learned from a source that their behavior was “inappropriate” for Monaco.

In fact, the Giessens said they simply didn't want to commute from Saint-Tropez to Dubai anymore. This is poison to their ecological footprint.

But like this “Berlin newspaper” I have now discovered that moving to Dubai has different reasons than previously assumed. In the RTL reality show, the family gives an insight into their private lives.

The family lives in Monaco for tax reasons, among other things – so they of course have to pay a much smaller amount. They also want to leave Saint-Tropez behind, as they own a country house there.

“Inappropriate” behavior

A source told the Berliner Zeitung newspaper that the Geiss family was “not wealthy enough” for the city-state and that their behavior as part of a frivolous TV show was “not appropriate” for polite society within the principality.

Whether and how the whole matter will be discussed in “The Geissens – A Terrible Glamorous Family” is still an open question. In any case, the audience can experience the transition to the desert country live.

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