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WhatsApp's big change affects the profile picture, which users will now have to adapt to

WhatsApp's big change affects the profile picture, which users will now have to adapt to

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There is an innovation in the WhatsApp Messenger program. The variable function allows different profile picture settings.

Munich – WhatsApp is now more than just a messaging tool. This widely used messaging service provides a wide range of options for communicating with others. In addition to sending text messages, WhatsApp now also allows you to make calls, send photos and videos, and record voice messages.

The company also releases new features regularly. Not everyone likes it: Some changes are also criticized by WhatsApp users. If you want to exploit the full potential of WhatsApp, you can use stickers. They can practically be designed with your own face, and are a key part of WhatsApp's latest features.

WhatsApp is developing the function further – creating an avatar from a selfie

The messaging service now lets you automatically create avatars from a selfie. This digital image can then be used as a profile photo, for example, among other things daily Mail And the Computer image To report. It is also possible to send these avatars as stickers in the respective WhatsApp chats.

iPhone 14 on sale now

Although WhatsApp support is increasingly discontinued in older smartphone models, you will of course always be up to date with the latest devices, and the new device will be available until the end of the year. Apple's iPhone 14 is 100 euros cheaper (promo link). It offers, among other things, a 12-megapixel dual rear camera and a 6.1-inch display – and of course also WhatsApp.

The function of creating avatars in WhatsApp is not entirely new: this option was introduced in December 2022. Avatars can be used as a profile picture and as stickers in chats. This can be easily done using the editor in the messaging service settings. WhatsApp does the lion's share of the work and offers a variety of options.

Now the functionality of WhatsApp has been further developed and simplified. Anyone who previously found creating avatars too complicated can be happy. Users can now automatically create their own avatars on WhatsApp. To do this, you first have to go to WhatsApp settings as usual. Then you have to select the “Avatar” option under the profile name. Users then click “Create Avatar.”

WhatsApp is expanding the functionality of its avatar. This also applies to the personal photo. © Jonathan Ra/Imago

WhatsApp's new function: This is how you create avatars

WhatsApp will then ask for permission to access the camera, assuming this is the first time this feature has been used in the messaging service. Of course, it is still necessary to take a selfie. Once this is done, WhatsApp will create an avatar for the person concerned.

For those who appreciate detail, there is the option to make further customizations. One can manually modify the avatar's skin tone and other minor specifications. WhatsApp itself makes an important note about this: This The company is insuredThe image will not be used for “any other purpose.” Immediately after creating your WhatsApp avatar, the image used for it can be deleted. (Han/Sunni)

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