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Weather Watch – It will be windy on New Year's Week – Meteorologist

Weather Watch – It will be windy in New Year's Week – Meteorology – SRF

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The basics in brief:

  • Wind gusts on lowlands 70 to 110 km/h, reaching 150 km/h
  • Duration is from Tuesday to Thursday
  • Operating the exposed cable cars and ski lifts will be difficult

Tuesday's storm will move from the British Isles across the English Channel into Denmark. It will also be windy in Switzerland.

Expected wind strength

Its speed is expected to range between 70 and 110 km/h on lowlands and 120 km/h in open areas. On peaks like Santis, speeds can reach 150 km/h.

Duration of the event

In the mountains, the winds will reach storm force on Tuesday and will not calm down until Thursday. The winds will also intensify in the lowlands on Tuesday, and will be stormy from Tuesday evening until Thursday afternoon.

Possible effects

Trees can be uprooted and branches torn. Loose items must be secured. Operating the exposed cable cars and ski lifts will be difficult. There is a lot of snow in the Alps.

Weather as of January 31, 2023 at 7:55 p.m

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