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Weather: That’s why there are currently no thunderstorms in the North

Weather: That’s why there are currently no thunderstorms in the North

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This is why the north escapes thunderstorms despite the hot weather

Since last week the sun has been shining practically continuously in the lowlands. A meteorologist explains why there are no thunderstorms in the North, despite the warm weather.


The weather will remain between 25 and 28 degrees in the coming days.

20 minutes / Michael Shearer

  • For several days now, the Swiss, especially in the north, have been enjoying spring-like weather and temperatures.

  • Weak gusts prevent cumulonimbus clouds from forming, which is why there are no thunderstorms in the north.

  • No weather changes are expected in the next few days.

This is the current weather condition

After a few rainy days, spring weather reigned in the lowlands for more than a week. In Mittelland there is not only less rain and thunderstorms than in the mountains and south, but also significantly more sun. The temperature level remained constant at the beginning of the summer between 23 and 27 degrees.

That is why there are no thunderstorms in the north

In comparison to 20 minutes, meteorologist Roger Perrett explains: “In the lowlands, weak cumulonimbus cloud formation often slows down.” This is also the reason why no major weather changes are expected in the coming days. “Bise will only get stronger in the coming days,” Perrier adds.

This is the prognosis

According to the MeteoNews forecast, it could remain mostly dry in the lowlands through the end of the week, but there are also weather models predicting thunderstorms that will be fairly common into the weekend. In the lowlands, the sun will shine mostly until next weekend with a weak streak during the week in summer temperatures First 25 degrees, then next weekend around 27 to 28 degrees, locally a little more possible. The chance of rain and thunderstorms is only small, depending on the weather model, but it also increased slightly on the weekend.

In the mountains and in the south, more and more cumulonimbus clouds are formed every day, and here at least local rains and thunderstorms should be expected in the second half of the day. Basically, there is usually plenty of sunshine and in the summer temperatures in the south are 25 degrees and just above.

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