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The postal app follows the SMS – the end of June is the end of the SMS stamps – Kassensturz espresso

The postal app follows the SMS – the end of June is the end of the SMS stamps – Kassensturz espresso

Postal app follows SMS – end of June will be the end of SMS stamps – Kassensturz Espresso – SRF

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Swiss Post will no longer use SMS stamps and will provide other options.

Until the end of June, you can still buy an A-Post stamp for a standard Swiss Post letter via SMS, but the service will be discontinued from July 1 and you’ll now only receive a “DigitalStamp” via the Post app.

“Customer needs have changed. In recent years, Swiss Post customers have increasingly requested stamps for large-format letters and B Mail, or so that they can pay by credit card or Twint,” says Stefan Donner, Swiss Post media spokesperson. This was not the case. Possible with SMS technology These needs are covered in the Post-App and you can also send express parcels, for example.

Not all SMS stamp users are looking forward to this renewal. If you don’t have a smartphone with an existing operating system, you will be left behind. The following technical requirements are necessary to use the application:

  • Apple iOS or iPadOS version 11 or Android version 6.0
  • Post application version 7.2.0

alternative options

Stefan Donner says there are also other ways to buy stamps without having to go to the post office yourself.

  • With the “WebStamp” function, you can design your own stamps and print them online. If you don’t have a printer, leave that to the post office and have the stamps sent home. However, this is associated with additional costs.
  • At you can order stamps for free, even without a personal login.
  • In rural areas where the post office offers home delivery, you can buy stamps directly from the postman at your door.

Both services are still available for stamp purchases through the end of June – SMS stamps and the Mail app; The SMS service will be discontinued on the 1st of July.

Espresso, 06/08/23, 08:13

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