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Vladimir Putin trembles violently at dictators’ meetings with Kim

Vladimir Putin trembles violently at dictators’ meetings with Kim

High-level visit from North Korea to Vladimir Putin: Kim Jong Un met with the head of the Kremlin on Wednesday at the Vostochny cosmodrome.

The “horror duo”, as many call them, wants to deepen their relationship further. The North Korean ruler has now invited his counterpart to visit his country.

Pictures of the meeting are spread around the world. Not just because of the political explosion: A video has raised new concerns about the Russian president’s health. At the meeting held in Russia, it was noted that Putin was noticeably moving his foot more often.

The footage shows Putin raising his left foot and turning it repeatedly. Such involuntary movements have been observed on previous occasions.

As he spoke through a translator, the Russian president raised his trembling foot in the air for several seconds. This behavior continues throughout the meeting.

In other meetings, Putin clung to the edges of tables or appeared with his weak arm. At some point, possible traces of an intravenous injection were discovered on his hand.

There have long been rumors that Putin suffers from Parkinson’s disease. This disease can cause involuntary muscle sprains. Various forms of cancer have also been attributed to him.

CIA Director Bill Burns spoke at the Aspen Security Forum last year, describing the Russian leader as “perfectly sane.” Even the head of Britain’s MI6, Richard Moore, explained: “There is no evidence that Putin is suffering from an illness.”