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USA: Trump won the primaries in Missouri, Michigan and Idaho

USA: Trump won the primaries in Missouri, Michigan and Idaho

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has won internal party primaries in other states. The Republican Party In Missouri, Trump was officially declared the winner after all the votes were counted and the 77-year-old declared that he had won every county in the state. He got 100 percent of the delegate votes.

Missouri is in the middle America and has a population of a good six million. As in other states, voting does not take place in the traditional way at polling stations, but in small party meetings – called caucus meetings.

Trump won Michigan with 98 percent of the vote

At the Republican caucus in Michigan, Trump clearly won against his last opponent, the former US ambassador to the United Nations. Nikki Haley. According to internal party data, he won nearly 98 percent of the local delegate vote — 36 to 1,575. Michigan already held its regular primary election on Tuesday. Due to infighting within the party, only 16 party delegates were initially elected to the nominating party convention held in the summer. Former President Trump received 12 of them. His victory in the primary election added 39 more.

In Idaho According to the predictions of American television channels CNN and NBC, Trump clearly won. After about 60 percent of the votes were counted, NBC reported that the former president had 84 percent of the vote. Nikki Haley received less than 14 percent of the vote. The conservative state of Idaho is located in the northwestern United States and has a population of about two million.

Trump has so far won every vote in his party's presidential primaries this fall. It's unclear how long her rival, Haley, will last in the race, as she has not been given a chance to defeat Trump. The former president has huge support in the party base.

According to a new poll, Trump will have a good chance of defeating Joe Biden in the fall presidential election. In the census on behalf of The New York Times The former president received only 48 percent and the current president of the Democratic Party only 43 percent.

A majority of delegates will be elected on Tuesday

The next big date on the US election calendar is Super Tuesday next Tuesday, where a third of the delegates from both parties will be awarded. Republicans will hold primaries that day in 15 states, including the most populous US states of California and Texas.

Anyone who wants to run for president in the United States must first win the internal party primaries. Candidates are officially selected at party conventions in the summer. The Republican Nominating Convention will be held in mid-July. The actual presidential election will take place in early November.