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Ukraine negotiations in Geneva - US-Russia talks under difficult circumstances - News

Ukraine negotiations in Geneva – US-Russia talks under difficult circumstances – News

  • On Monday, further talks on Ukraine between the US and Russia will take place in Geneva – with a very difficult initial situation and corresponding signals from both sides.
  • Moscow has repeatedly insisted on binding security agreements with NATO.
  • The United States softens such expectations and warns against Russian disinformation.

“We need guarantees that NATO will not expand,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told Interfax. But also: Ryabkov said Moscow’s expectations from the upcoming talks are “realistic.” “According to the signals we have heard from Washington and Brussels in the past few days, it would be naive to assume that there is progress – especially rapid progress.”


Putin and Biden met in Geneva last June.


Indeed, reactions from the United States give little hope of quick solutions. “There will be no firm commitments in these talks, which will be serious and concrete, but exploratory,” a US government official clarified. Then all issues will be examined in Washington and discussed with allies during the week.

The government official said he would not be surprised if the Russian side published false reports of US concessions in order to “create a split among allies”.

That’s what the conversations are really about

Open the chest
close the box

The meeting takes place in Geneva against the backdrop of the Ukrainian crisis. The United States accuses Russia of building forces in areas bordering Ukraine. Fears that Russian soldiers will invade the former Soviet Republic. Russia denies such plans and, for its part, is particularly opposed to the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO. A meeting of the NATO-Russia Council is scheduled for January 12 in Brussels – the first in two and a half years.