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Tui relies on ChatGPT in Great Britain: Day Pass

Tui relies on ChatGPT in Great Britain: Day Pass

Travel group Tui is further expanding its digitization and now integrating artificial intelligence into customer communications. As a pilot project on the Tui app, holidaymakers can now interact with ChatGPT to access personalized travel offers. The offer is initially aimed at customers based in Great Britain only.

“ChatGPT provides Tui customers with answers to personalized recommendations for holiday destinations and tickets for excursions, activities and attractions,” the company said in a tweet. the world with. Also: “The app provides a refined and relevant selection list with descriptions, images and links via ChatGPT – based on how detailed customers describe it – for example culinary discovery tours, adventure tours or museum visits.” Customers book their experiences directly in the app.

According to WELT, Tui Group CEO Sebastian Ebel emphasizes the company’s openness to innovative technologies such as manufacturing artificial intelligence. The company wants to be “at the forefront of using new technologies” and is actively helping to shape the future of tourism.

However, the introduction of AI presents challenges due to potential technical risks and the need to avoid misinformation. However, Tui insists that no customer data is sent via ChatGPT and that measures are already in place to limit inappropriate responses.