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Til Schweiger responds to comments about his appearance with humor

Til Schweiger responds to comments about his appearance with humor


“Wow, muscular man” – Til Schweiger’s reaction to body criticism

In an Instagram video last week, the 59-year-old spoke directly to the camera and looked a bit thin. Fans were concerned about his health – and now he’s taking a stand.


Til Schweiger (59 years old) responds to comments about his appearance in a sarcastic Instagram post.


  • Til Schweiger’s Instagram video received a number of comments about his appearance.

  • Now the actor has commented on this in a humorous way.

  • Comments praise the 59-year-old counter-attacker.

Last weekend, Til Schweiger posted a video in which he drew attention to the “Invictus Games” that kicked off in Düsseldorf. According to his fans, the actor looks “a bit emaciated.” Overall “not quite adequate”. This led to countless followers leaving comments about his appearance. One user wrote: “Some people have lifestyle written all over their faces! Wow, how fresh and attractive that was.” Others defended the 59-year-old. Schweiger himself has remained silent – until now!

He posted a picture on Instagram in which he responded in a humorous way to the criticism directed at his appearance. You can see a photoshopped image showing Till as a muscular man in the woods. He also casually wears a rope over his shoulder and a stylish hat on his head. He looks at the camera with his usual serious expression and winks. The father-of-four places a fuzzy emoji at the bottom of the post to match his facial expression.

Daughter Emma Schweiger (20) Also amused under the post, but she is not the only one. Actor Ralph Muller comments: “Harrison Ford’s successor. Looks great. “Nice looking, my friend.” “What people say about losing weight seems pretty specific,” another user quipped. “What a muscular man,” says another.

Til Schweiger in criticism

At the end of April this year, Till was already criticized, but this time not because of his appearance. The actor is said to have harassed and insulted crew members on the sets of ‘Manta Manta 2’. The 59-year-old is also said to have hit a man in the face and often showed up for filming drunk, as several of his employees described to Spiegel.

Bild’s entertainment director, Tanya May, had similar experiences. In 2018, Till reportedly publicly insulted her and called her a slut. The next day, his lawyer called her and apologized to her for Schweiger. This appears to be nothing new, according to May, and Til Schweiger himself remains silent about the allegations to this day. His lawyer made the following statement: “Some facts are unknown to my client, and others assume alleged facts that do not exist.”

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