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Thunderstorms moving across Switzerland

Thunderstorms moving across Switzerland

Heavy thunderstorms with heavy rain and hail swept through Switzerland on Sunday evening. There will be thunderstorms again on Monday, followed by Al-Badi area.

The basics in brief

  • Thunderstorms on Sunday evening brought heavy rain and hail.
  • Thunderstorms are also expected on Monday, but other than that the odds are high.

Heavy thunderstorms with heavy rain and hail swept through Switzerland on Sunday evening. There were the first thunderstorms in the Bernese Oberland region. The front later moved across central and eastern Switzerland. More than 12,000 bolts of lightning were counted before midnight (more on that below).

In the second half of the night, there was more rain and thunderstorms, and something similar is expected on Monday. Heavy rain, hail and strong winds should be expected in the mountains of central and eastern Switzerland and in Graubünden. In the north it will remain mostly dry, but it will be sometimes sunny.

Do you enjoy summer weather?

Switzerland noisy Tuesday «SRF weather»But already in a new high impact. The remaining clouds in the east and on the mountains will dissipate, and as the day goes by it will be sunny again. In the afternoon, local rain is also possible as well as thunder and lightning over the mountains. Temperatures will be around 26 degrees.

Finally followed on Wednesday Ideal Budaiya Weather: Partly sunny with a few cumulonimbus clouds and a warm 28° wide. In the valley the temperature can reach 30 degrees. Thursday and Friday are also often sunny and hot. Temperatures rise partly in the 30-degree heat range.

Thunderstorms are likely on Thursday, especially over the mountains. Finally, on Saturday, the air will be cooler and wetter and the weekend will be somewhat unstable. At this time, meteorologists cannot yet determine how strong the cooling will be.

Thunderstorms: Over 12,000 bolts of lightning and hail before midnight

According to “MeteoSwiss”, thunderstorms on Sunday evening caused more than 12,000 lightning strikes before midnight. Chill stones several centimeters in diameter have been reported in some places. Sachseln OW was particularly affected. There was wind gusts in Visp VS and on Pilate At a speed of 95 kilometers per hour.

Most of the rain fell in Interlaken BE 28.4 mm. Previously, thunderstorm cells were active mainly in the Bernese Oberland. MeteoNews initially reported the presence of thunderstorm cells and hail in Adelboden and Interlaken in the Bernese Oberland.

The SBB Reported road disruptions later in the evening due to storms at Bernese Simmental between Link and Zweismen.

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