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This is how you lose several kilograms in a short time

This is how you lose several kilograms in a short time

The rusk diet is involuntarily present in the menu of many people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Crunchy pastries can help you lose weight. You can find out what the plan looks like and how recommended the rusk diet is here.

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Lose weight successfully using rusks and sour cream

the Diet rusk It comes without a complicated plan. Losing weight is done simply by eating only the foods that are also present Small amounts It fills up quickly. Of course, this includes rusks in the first place. But sour cream is also part of the game. Both of them record few calories and low caloric value. There is no specific recipe for preparation. However, so that the diet is not too deficient in vitamins, fruits and vegetables are also present in the menu. Apples and oranges in particular bring a bit of variety, or cucumbers are perfect for weight loss.

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5 day plan for the rusk diet

Since the rusk diet is a very one-sided diet, it should only have one diet limited period are implemented. In the first 4 days, the menu consists mainly of rusks and sour cream. Low-carb fruits complete the diet. From the fifth day, the plan is expanded to include cheese, lean meat and fish. In addition, you should drink a lot with this light diet. in many However, drinks often contain sugar and many calories. In addition to water or lemon water, black coffee is also allowed for weight loss. Tea can also help you lose weight, so drink unsweetened herbal and fruit teas. With an intake of about 800 calories per day, he should drop half a kilogram per week.

The rusk diet experiments

Crash diet It is usually one-sided. The rusk diet is also reduced to a few foods and is therefore a type of mono diet, similar to the yogurt diet, soup diet or cheese diet. So the road to success requires a lot of discipline, as there is a great temptation to liven up the rigorous plan.

The low level is a bit worrying Nutrient delivery With this type of weight loss. Especially for people with pre-existing disease Also, the rusk diet is not suitable for children and adolescents. But even healthy people shouldn’t follow the diet for more than a few days. If the weight loss treatment continues for a longer period of time, reduce the risk Deficiency symptomsIt can weaken the immune system. also Musculature The long-term. The rusk diet is not suitable for permanent weight loss, and here’s one of them Diet is the best way.

Conclusion on the weight loss plan

The rusk diet is fast Weight loss. But the diet is one-sided only for a short time a period Adequate, but guides the body a little too much Nutrients And vitamins too. Once those who want to lose weight give up their reduced calorie intake, the yo-yo effect is programmed. If you want to lose weight in a healthy and long-term way, you should Feed change And eat nutritious food. Incredible examples show that you can lose up to 40 kilograms in one year.

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