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This is how you can deactivate new WhatsApp channels again

This is how you can deactivate new WhatsApp channels again


Updated September 22, 2023 at 4:25 p.m

Whatsapp status was yesterday. With News, the messaging service introduces a new functionality, however, it is not well received by every user. This is how you can deactivate WhatsApp channels again.

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The messaging service WhatsApp has introduced a new functionality. The popular “Status” section, which users can use to share their lives with their friends and family, is gone. Instead, it’s now called Current News and with the renaming, the messaging service also introduces another new functionality: WhatsApp channels.

WhatsApp channels: updates from stars and companies

WhatsApp’s new functionality allows its users to always stay updated when it comes to their favorite stars, clubs or companies. Users of the news service can simply subscribe to channels in the “Current” section and are provided with news and updates in their news feed, which they can comment on using emojis. Writing messages, as is possible in regular group chats, does not work.

But not all WhatsApp users like constant updates. WhatsApp channels can be deactivated again.

This is how one can deactivate WhatsApp channels

If you already follow one or more channels and get fed up with the constant updates, you can simply unfollow the relevant channel again. To do this, simply select the channel, then click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the chat window and choose “Unsubscribe”. Then press “Unsubscribe” again to confirm and you will no longer follow the channel and will no longer receive any updates.

However, the new WhatsApp functionality cannot be completely deactivated. The only way to avoid annoying updates is to simply not follow the channels of stars and companies.

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By the way: Even if the section is now called “Current News”, you can still update your personal status and view the status of friends and family. To reopen a status you’ve already viewed, simply tap Viewed Messages in the News section.
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