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Third division team TV Aldekerk drops to second-to-last place

Third division team TV Aldekerk drops to second-to-last place

It can happen quickly. The impressive performance in the 31:24 win on Homburg TV almost caused something of an euphoria in the Vogteihalle. But after just one week, the mood in the TV Aldekirk handball team, which plays in the third division, reached zero again. When the final whistle blew, the disappointment after the defeat to TV Gelnhausen at 24:33 (11:16) was immense and the coach was furious: “With a performance like this, there may be no victory at all.”

The situation could have improved with the next success experience. Aldekerk club fell to second-to-last place and is in the middle of the deepest relegation quagmire, especially since its competitors from Dansenburg and Homburg were surprisingly able to win their matches. The next task for HSG Hanau, last season’s South West Relay champions, is a tough one.

“We got into our own way and couldn’t get a foot in the game. We had a clear plan in attack and defence. None of this was implemented. We knew the strength of the opponent in the head-to-head. However, we were unable to narrow the spaces and win the duels. “There were no clear shots in attack.” “Shortly after the break, we had the opportunity to reduce the gap to just one goal. We can’t do that. As the game progresses, our entire game collapses and the opponent leaves the hall as a deserved winner.

From the start, the white team scored one ticket after another, and the guests led with a score of 5:2 (8th place) to 12:7 (16th place). At this point, Tim Gentings’ expression became increasingly dark. The first break did not have the desired effect. What made matters worse was that the two referees did not make friends in the hall due to their interpretation of the rules. Five time penalties in the first round against Aldekirk TV and only one against the visitors were disproportionate. As a result, Al-Dukirker entered the break with a five-goal advantage.

The locker room speech initially appeared to be an inspiration for the Greens and Whites. TV Aldekerk started the second half very strongly and reduced the deficit to 15:17 after David Hansen’s goal. The guests had the correct answer and added two goals. The host sent a final sign of life in the 45th minute. Julian Mauhm played right winger Thomas Belhak, who brought the ball back – after Kemba’s trick to score the goal 20:23, there was a slight hope again.

But the ATV match remained very flawed on Saturday night. Almost every goal had to be worked hard to achieve, while the visitors often only needed a small shake of the backside to get into shooting position. After 50 minutes, the match was decided. The Hessians took a strong lead at 29:21 and safely put the game away as time went on.

“Despite careful analysis of the video, we were unable to stop our opponent on the board,” right winger Thomas Belhak said. “I don’t want to underestimate our performance, but for me Gelenhausen is not a relegation candidate.”

Dekirk TV: Cutman, Shoemakers – Julian Mom (9), Hansen (7), Belhak (5), Kirschbaum (1), Tupay (1), Linden (1), Jonas Mom, Grutzner, Gentjes, Kosters, Ellwanger, Rötten.