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Hesse state election: CDU clear winner, AfD in second place, FDP shaken

Hesse state election: CDU clear winner, AfD in second place, FDP shaken

About 4.3 million Hesse residents were invited to vote to elect the new state parliament. According to Infratest dimap forecasts, the CDU was the strongest party by a wide margin. This is how the Christian Democrats recovered after heavy losses in the elections five years ago, from which they also emerged victorious.

“The CDU has a clear government mandate from the citizens,” Reine told cheering supporters on Sunday evening. He did not say whether he wanted to continue the alliance with the Green Party, which has existed for ten years, or start talks with the Social Democratic Party.

The AfD is making strong gains, a historically bad result for the Social Democrats

The AfD also recorded a significant increase in votes, taking it to second place after placing fourth in 2018.

On the other hand, the Social Democratic Party (SPD) led by front-runner Nancy Weisser lost significantly compared to 2018. With Federal Interior Minister Weisser, the Social Democratic Party fell from second place to third place – a historically bad result. Weiser described the election results as “extremely disappointing” for her party. She told her supporters that the Social Democratic Party had not penetrated its themes in the election campaign at all.

The Green Party drops from second place to fourth place, which is a difficult match for the Free Democratic Party

Even the Green Party, which currently forms a government coalition with the CDU, fell to fourth place. In 2018 they finished second with the Social Democratic Party.

According to the latest forecast from Infratest dimap, the FDP is 5.0 percent. As it stands, the Liberals are barely able to clear the five percent hurdle. In 2018, the Liberals received 7.5%.

The left leaves the state parliament

Both left-wing and liberal voters failed to clear the five percent hurdle. The left, which received 6.3 percent in 2018, must leave parliament in Wiesbaden.