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Things are boiling over again in Iceland – another volcanic eruption

Things are boiling over again in Iceland – another volcanic eruption

02/08/2024, 09:47February 8, 2024, at 10:26

Another volcanic eruption occurred in Iceland. On Thursday morning, a long fissure opened north of the coastal city of Grindavik, and glowing red lava exploded several meters into the air. A lava field quickly formed around the fissure, as seen on a live broadcast from Icelandic broadcaster RÚV.

In the volcanic region of the Reykjanes Peninsula southwest of Reykjavik, spectacular rift eruptions of this type have occurred recently, most recently in January, when lava reached the slopes of Mount Grindavik.

The Fedorstova Meteorological Service recently recorded a new accumulation of several million cubic meters of magma under the area and thus warned of an increased possibility of another eruption in the near future.

Volcano eruption live broadcast:

According to the meteorological agency, the eruption began around 6 a.m. northeast of Mount Selinjarville on Thursday, after an increase in seismic activity was announced shortly before. Authorities announced this morning that the rift is about three kilometers long and that lava initially flows mainly toward the west. According to RÚV information, there was initially no immediate danger to Grindavík, the nearby Blue Lagoon geothermal baths or the power plant in the area. (DAP/EPA)

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