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There is space for track and escape doors in the Magdeburg Tunnel

There is space for track and escape doors in the Magdeburg Tunnel


In the tunnel in the center of Magdeburg, construction work is being carried out on the walls on the west side and on the bottom of the tunnel on the east side. On the western side towards Damaschkeplatz, the side walls have long since been finished. There are now two sections, each about ten meters long, in the middle wall between the two tunnel tubes. Two escape doors are built in one of these two doors. In this area, breaks for fire extinguishers and signs, among other things, must be left empty prior to concreting.

Also in the western half of the tunnel, the future non-public operating room received its door and stairway tube toward downtown. This leads up to the exit at the bus stop.

Building on retaining walls

In this area, the supporting walls of the future tunnel entrance are also being constructed below the central bus station.

Work on the east side of the city center is not far away. Here, the tunnel bed is being built, which will someday support the road and vehicles. For the tube having a passage in the direction of the city center, the workers have already advanced about 70 meters with the bottom. Reinforcement work is currently underway in four other blocs.

Tunnel floor preparation

In the northern tunnel tube, these reinforcement work has already commenced from the lowest point of the tunnel towards the tunnel gate. Additionally, the last concrete of the blinding layer was poured this week, which will be poured in preparation for the construction of the base.

Preparations currently also include noisy work that passers-by can notice outside the tunnel as well: The piles filled with reinforced concrete are cleaned under high pressure. Above all, the surface is strengthened when moving to the reinforced concrete parts that will now be manufactured. Christian Fuß explains this working step: “This is necessary so that the existing concrete can bond well with the new concrete.”

Bike lane space

The course path on the tunnel roof has been the cause of many discussions in recent months: in City Carré it is narrower than it is today. At this point – and in stark contrast to this – on a comfortable and wide strip at Damaschkeplatz, the area is already prepared for red asphalt. Within a few months it will be applied in a thin layer to the existing substrate. On Damaschkeplatz, the cycle path will run in both directions as well as under bridges on the north side.

And in second place, asphalt is the topic these days: Gleisdreieck is nearly finished at the confluence of Bahnhofstrasse and Otto-von-Guericke-Strasse. You can actually see the tentative track that is supposed to lead to tracks, which won’t play until the end of next year. As Christian Fox, the project manager for the state capital, said, this move will be released at the end of the month as planned.