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The VersicherungsJournal newsletter is also available in beautiful language

The VersicherungsJournal newsletter is also available in beautiful language

February 8, 2024 – Many readers still receive the newsletter “Heute im” in text version. A more reader-friendly alternative is presented in HTML format. Transformation is quick and easy. It is also possible for the service to be interrupted, for example during a holiday.

For the first few years of the VersicherungsJournal, the newsletter was presented as a text-only version. An HTML version is also available since 2010.

Many readers have stuck to the textual version out of habit or conviction. The advantages of switching to the HTML version are obvious.

Advantages of HTML version

Today's newsletter at (Photo: Versicherungsjournal)
Extract from the leaflet. Click on the image to enlarge.

The text version provides almost no formatting options. On the other hand, the HTML version can be made more organized and easier to read by using different fonts, colors, and visual elements.

This means that topics that are relevant and interesting to readers can be found more quickly.

With a space of 57-62 KB (depending on the number of articles), the HTML newsletter barely “consumes” any more storage than the simple version. Since there are largely no images and videos, there are no long loading times.

If you don't appreciate the visual design, you can stick with the text version, which will still be offered as an alternative.

This is how you can switch

Regular readers will find a note about the change in their text copy. In the penultimate paragraph there is a link to the change under “+++ This leaflet is also available in the beautiful +++ language”.

After clicking, the profile page appears, where the newsletter format can be changed from “Text” to “HTML” below.

A final click on “Apply Changes” ensures that you can enjoy the sharpest design the next day.

Special customer service for vacationers

Delivery may also be paused, for example during a holiday period. The interrupt can be set up directly in the newsletter profile. This can be accessed via the link in the “Change, interrupt or unsubscribe from the newsletter” section below the delivery.

Only the first and last day of the break period must be entered on the profile page. After checking the data protection box and clicking “Save changes”, the non-delivery period will be noted.

If you want to read what happened during the outage after the outage, you can use the “Previous Edition” button on the home page of to scroll back daily and then view the individual articles.

“Advanced search” is also practical. There you can view all articles for any period of time, for example the time of absence related to vacation. You can choose to read individual posts from this overview and return to the results list. Or you can click from one article to another (across days).