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The Secret Service presents a new theory about Kim's weight loss

The Secret Service presents a new theory about Kim’s weight loss

Kim Jong Un in mid-October: The North Korean dictator has recently lost a lot of weight.

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Unconfirmed rumors suggest that Kim has been represented by someone else in his last public appearance. The South Korean intelligence service has a different interpretation.

Getting thinner and thinner: the ruler of North Korea Kim Jong-un Recently, he lost about 20 kilograms of his weight, according to the intelligence. South Korea’s NIS deputies said Thursday that Kim is still in good health and trying to bolster public loyalty to himself in the face of mounting economic problems.

The intelligence service presented this assessment in a parliamentary briefing behind closed doors, and said they examined Kim’s condition with the help of techniques based on artificial intelligence and video analysis, two deputies who attended the meeting reported.

Kim has looked slimmer in photos and videos in state media in recent months. This also attracted a lot of attention outside his control. The 37-year-old has yet to publish a potential successor and some experts believe Kim’s impotence could lead to chaos in impoverished but nuclear-armed North Korea.

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Observers have long said the governor had no apparent health problems, referring to Kim’s skinny appearance. The weight loss is believed to be the result of efforts to improve his appearance. Kim maintained his regular public activities and no unusual developments could have been detected in the North Korean videos.

However, unconfirmed rumors, picked up by the tabloid, said that a lookalike appeared in Kim’s place in the last public appearance. South Korean intelligence denied this and described it as baseless, said Rep. Kim Byung-ki. He said that the General Intelligence announced that Kim’s weight decreased from 140 kilograms to 120 kilograms. Recently, the National Intelligence Service reported that Kim was 1.70 meters tall.