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The rescued castaway gives his dog away

The rescued castaway gives his dog away

Skinny, with an unruly beard, but amazingly fit, he spoke to the media there: He was so grateful he was still alive, that he had been found and rescued. “He’s had a lot of bad days,” he says. If he felt lonely or unhappy, jumping into the water helped him. Especially his dog companion Bella.

“She’s amazing, this dog is something special,” says Tim Shaddock. She is braver and braver than he is, and he had no intention of completing the planned trip from La Paz, Mexico, to French Polynesia in the company of a dog.

“Looks like Bella found me in the middle of Mexico and didn’t want to let me go.” Three times he tried to find a home for her, but she always followed him. Shadow: “She’s such a beautiful animal and I’m so grateful she’s alive.”

But after a difficult time together, Tim Shaddock and Bella go their separate ways: the master returns to Australia, and the bitch is handed over to rescuers. Shaddock’s condition was that they take good care of the animal.

Shortly after beginning his adventure, Shadock and Bella’s raft collapses in the rough seas. The Australian caught and cooked fish until the cooking equipment was out at sea. Since then, the two have subsisted on raw fish. Shaddock used a container made to catch rainwater.