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The pop star suddenly disappeared from Giovanni Zarrella’s guest list

The pop star suddenly disappeared from Giovanni Zarrella’s guest list

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from: Melanie Habeck

In fact, Michelle was supposed to be on stage on Saturday night in “The Giovanni Zarrella Show”. But just a few hours before the live show is set to begin, the pop singer is missing from the guest list.

Dortmund – in “Presented by Giovanni ZarrellaMany music stars will perform again on Saturday evening. Host Giovanni Zarrella (45), along with national and international chart titles, would like to turn Dortmund Westfalenhalle into a summer party hit. Michele (51) was also announced as an artist a few weeks ago – but she is suddenly missing from the guest list.

‘Giovanni Zarrella Show’ guest list: Michelle is suddenly no longer there

There are turbulent days behind the successful star: Michelle’s manager Marcus Crump has terminated cooperation – and raised serious allegations against the singer’s friend. Her performance on ‘The Giovanni Zarrella Show’ was her first post-headlining television appearance. But now that history seems to be on edge: Although Michelle was announced as an act on the show’s Instagram profile on June 12, her name is now vain on the official guest list. A total of 20 artists are listed on the ZDF homepage for Schlager’s Summer Concert — Michelle is not one of them.

There is currently no official statement on if and why Michele’s appearance on “Giovanni Zarrella Show” has been cancelled. The singer herself has not yet commented on the speculation. However, an assumption is circulating on Instagram: “Your ex-manager must have something to do with it,” a Schlager fan formulates his suspicions.

“Giovanni Zarrella Show”: Guests July 22nd

Among the performers of the largest “Giovanni Zarrella Show” to date: The following stars have been announced: Mighty Kelly, Kristen Ott, Cimino Rossi, Ella Endlich, Ben Zucker, Nino D’Angelo, Claudia Jung, Nick B, Bernhard Brink, Oli. B, Anna Karina Wojciech, Heinz Rudolf Konzi, Anna Maria Zimmermann, Mickey Krause

The hustle and bustle around Michelle: Her “Schagerbooom” appearance also made headlines

A few weeks ago, Michelle’s appearance made headlines. In the “Schlagerbooom” with Florian Silbereisen (41), the 51-year-old performed with Eric Philippi (26). After there were already constant rumors of love surrounding the two, the hit stars confirmed their relationship in front of the cameras that evening.

Giovanni Zarrella hosts
A few weeks ago, Michelle was announced as the artist of the “Giovanni Zarrella Show”. But suddenly the pop singer disappeared from the guest list. IMAGO Agency / Monn picture ©; IMAGO / Hoover

If Michelle isn’t a guest at Giovanni Zarrella on Saturday night, Schlager fans can still look forward to an eventful evening. With performances by Kristen Ott (41), Mait Kelly (43) and Nino DiAngelo (59), the biggest “Giovanni Zarrella Show” to date will premiere on ZDF. Sources used: Instagram/diegiovannizarrelashow; ZDF