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The Great Fractal Design Torrent plays an important role

The Great Fractal Design Torrent plays an important role

from Thilo Bayer
Air cooling is a topic on the PCGH Extreme forum – at least if you look at the air cooling picture thread. At this point, we show you new pictures of processor coolers from this thread – no matter if they are colorful, cool or noble.

note: As always, at the beginning of the gallery you will find the latest transmissions from air cooled theme image in the PC Games Hardware Extreme forum. Today it’s twice about Fractal Design Torrent – Enjoy the new images.

There are many threads on the PCGH Extreme forum where community members submit their devices. “Der Lukü-Bilder-Thread” (Part Two) now has over 11,000 posts and has been viewed over two million times, making it one of the most popular threads on the PCGHX forum.

So the air cooling issue is still very important in PCGH Extreme and that’s a good thing. That’s why we’re featuring an updated set of clearer air cooler photos from the forum in the gallery. This includes CPU coolers, as well as graphics card coolers and power supply fans. If you want to upload your own Lukü pictures to the forum, just use a Image thread of Legendary Air Cooler Vol.2 on PCGH Extreme. Enjoy the most interesting pictures of PCGHX users in recent times.

note: PCGH Extreme It is a society of computer screwdrivers. On August 20, 2007, the PC Games Hardware Extreme Forum first opened its doors to interested readers on the occasion of the 2007 Gaming Conference. Initially, the forum ran in parallel with the old PCGH forum and its content was almost exclusively about overclocking and state mods. Since 2008, PC Games Hardware Extreme has been the one-stop forum for all members of the PCGH community, covering a wide range of topics. Since launch, over 520,000 threads and 10,200,000 posts have been created by over 200,000 registered users.