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Indie hit is getting an update for PC on the Unity engine

Indie hit is getting an update for PC on the Unity engine

from Alexander Pensler
The 2022 surprise hit of Vampire Survivors is moving to Unity Engine on August 17th. This is intended to achieve much higher and more stable frame rates.

Vampire Survivor was released on October 20, 2022, and became the biggest hit movie of the winter. Developer “Bunkle” It describes the 2D game as a “casual gothic horror game with rogue-lite elements”, but the classification as a bullet hell shooter is also appropriate. On August 17 of this year, he was resurrected Steam version From the game to the Unity engine, which promises higher and more stable frame rates.

Unity instead of the Phaser HTML5 Engine

The mobile versions and the Xbox version of Vampire Survivors are already in use Unity drive As a basis, for PC, the Unity version of the game has been available for some time as a beta from Steam. The current PC version is still running on Phaser HTML5 engine. To switch over to Unity, developer Luca Galante alias “poncle” promises that the new version has been “extensively tested and runs better than the old version.” high Computer game enthusiasts Community feedback on the Unity-based Steam beta so far has been “universally positive”.

So writes a Reddit user Excited bid 4666 About the Vampire Survivors Beta release with Unity rule: “The new engine is great. The game works perfectly and is bug-free, even with hundreds of levels in Limit Break, it doesn’t get bogged down, it’s like a completely different game, it’s really incredible.” Another user named Oddworld19 Reports are that it can now play at around 60fps on Steam Deck instead of 5-8fps.

But not all player reports are positive: the player 40- Nada It can still slow down the Unity version of Vampire Survivors, while maintaining a smooth user interface and the new version of the game still runs faster than the old HTML5-based client. Some players have reported it performance decline Or errors during the beta phase of the game on Steam.

source: reddit via Computer game enthusiasts