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The first German in the US CrossFit games is a hamburger

The first German in the US CrossFit games is a hamburger

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The first German in CrossFit games is a hamburger

Moritz Fiebig in his CrossFit box in Bahrenfeld.

Photo: Victor Harcak

Moritz Weibig can officially call himself “the German fittest”. This week, the 27-year-old faces his biggest competition.

Hamburg. While people outside look for shaded places in the summer of Hamburg, sitting Moritz Webbeg Relaxing in his gym, in his sport High intensity fitness program It is also called Box and it is one of the coolest places in the city. But anyone who thinks Sankt Pauli Athletics in Bahrenfeld won’t sweat is mistaken. Because Moritz Fiebig gives everything every day for his big goal, which is: starting from Wednesday, he made a good figure in the 15th CrossFit Games, organized by the American company CrossFit, in Madison (USA).

For the 27-year-old, setting a goal means completely directing your life towards achieving that decision. “My boxing coach used to say: aimlessly you run in circles. Since then, this sentence has been so firmly ingrained in my head that sometimes I live it so persistently to get everything out of me,” says Feibig. But the goal of participating at the height of his sport’s season wasn’t on his head from the start. “First I wanted to be the fittest in the box. After I did that, I wanted to be as good as the best in Hamburg and so on.”

United States of America: Fiebig also worked on his mental strength

To participate in CrossFitGames, he had to go through a three-part qualification process and be among the top five athletes in the semi-finals in Amsterdam in May. The process has intensified greatly in recent years, which is why Moritz is the first German athlete to qualify in this way.

Not only did physical training help him, but it also helped him work on his mental strength. “If I wasn’t so interested in mental development, I wouldn’t be there right now,” he says. In addition to daily meditation, he completed his mental training with a quantum physicist in 2021 in order to be mentally better prepared for the challenges of sports.

CrossFit puts stress on the whole body

CrossFit, part of Functional Fitness Sports, is a registered trademark. The special thing about it is that the entire body is subjected to stress. CrossFit combines cardio, strength training and exercises with your body weight. “After my first workout in 2016, I was shocked because it was so exhausting and I thought I was perfectly fit,” recalls Fiebig, who came from Münster and started his dual studies in fitness economics in Hamburg in 2014 because he was passionate about fitness and also wanted to exercise professionally. .

It never occurred to him at the time that he would one day be able to call himself the world champion in functional fitness and “Germany’s fittest”. But in 2021 he won both awards. Especially that the world title in Sweden (the organizer of the competition was the “iF3” (International Federation of Functional Fitness) means a lot to him.

Fiebig is the managing director of three funds

Being able to call yourself “the fittest in Germany” before the CrossFit games is “a great award that makes me proud, but no more than that,” he says with a smile. Because there is not only his sports life. For nearly three years now, he has been running three job training funds in Hamburg full time as a general manager. “This ranges from cleaning to bookkeeping, meetings with my employees, training, and training.”

However, all these tasks are now in the background, full focus on gaming. However, the anticipation of the championship is much greater than the pressure, as Moritz Weibig is the only part-time player in the United States to start. “I qualified for the first time, and I want to enjoy the competition. I try to learn from other athletes and try to win next year,” he says with a laugh.

USA: Competition will be an unprecedented burden

He wants to maintain that joy, even if competing with 15 events over five days would be an unprecedented burden. After that he will be staying in the US with his girlfriend Denise for a few more days to shut down a bit. But after his return, he wants to continue working to reach new levels both physically and mentally. It’s all for the greater purpose: to be “the fittest man on earth” someday.

Updated: Tue 02/08/2022 05:46

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