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The BMW M3 CSL is back on the road

The BMW M3 CSL is back on the road

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A BMW M3 CSL was discovered in a car park in London. The owner doesn’t seem to care about his car. But now there is hope.

The story of the BMW M3 CSL E46 caused a stir last month. The car had been parked in a garage in the upmarket St John’s Wood area of ​​London for more than 20 years. BMW has seen the light of day again. Perhaps its owner became aware of the reports.

A missing BMW M3 CSL was discovered on a trailer in London

However, the M3 CSL did not get out of the car on its own, but on a trailer. This is shown in a photo from the Instagram account ‘London Barn FInd’. The BMW was discovered by its operator at a bus stop on Beaufort Street in the Chelsea area.

The BMW M3 CSL has left the parking garage again, but on a trailer. © Instagram (london_barn_find)

The condition of the M3 CSL has not changed much in the past few weeks. The rear bumper has now been completely removed and the license plate is no longer installed. The yellow immobilizers on the tires are also gone.

The mileage of the BMW M3 CSL is still unknown

Perhaps the debts were paid off and the “lost” BMW was sold. Its owner probably also wants an M3 CSL E46 in form so it can drive under its own power again. However, the exact mileage remains a secret. It remains exciting to see what happens next.

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But the BMW isn’t the only strange find. Recently, more than 200 cars were found in the old museum. Some of them are particularly rare and valuable. A huge collection of classic cars also appeared in the Netherlands at the beginning of the year. This was housed in several halls.