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Tales of Seikyu: A new farming RPG that takes you to Japan's Shōwa period – the North Tower

Tales of Seikyu: A new farming RPG that takes you to Japan's Shōwa period – the North Tower

In a new one Kickstarter campaign The farming role-playing game Tales of Seikyu is presented, which takes you to another time. the Showa period In Japan the game is also called the Age of Enlightened Peace and refers to the period from 1926 to 1989. The game is said to still exist December 2024 Among other things for Nintendo Switch He appears. The development studio has also confirmed that Tales of Seikyu is also being developed for Nintendo's upcoming console. You still have time to actively participate in the game Donate via Kickstarter To support and thus open more financing milestones.

Tales of Seikyu is a life simulation game set on Seikyu Island. More than 40 different characters, so-called YokaiWith whom you can make friends. However, not everyone will be excited to settle on the island as a newcomer. That's the focus here as well countryside lifeWhere you can create the farm of your dreams. Naturally, this also includes the usual tasks such as planting and harvesting crops, raising animals, crafting various items, fishing and cooking.

This is the special feature of Tales of Seikyu Transform into different creatures. You can transform into a destructive pig, a water slime, or a flying tengu to explore the world of yōkai more effectively. In addition, you can decorate your farm, participate in various celebrations and raise pets. You can find more information about the game at Official Kickstarter page.

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