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Table tennis: SC Eschenbach satisfied with third place in “Bavaria”

Table tennis: SC Eschenbach satisfied with third place in “Bavaria”

Eschenbach. Table tennis men took an excellent third place in the Bavarian Cup.

SC Eschenbach players (right) stand proudly on the podium. Photo: SC Eschenbach

Four clubs qualified for the final tournament in Wunsiedel through the association championship: TSV Gaimersheim near Ingolstadt, TG Würzburg-Heidingsfeld, DJK Seifriedsberg from Allgäu and SC Eschenbach.

SC Eschenbach – DJK Seifriedsberg 4: 2

Made-to-measure start: In the all-against-all game mode, DJK Seifriedsberg was defeated at the start. Thomas Clausel held with a clear 3:0 Nico Mauch in an auction. Lost 1: 3 Marcus Thorne Seifriedsberger MVP Lauren Jewell. Jonas Gauche SC was defeated by 3:2 Killian Fry 2:1 lead.

And the duo of Thomas Clausel / Jonas Gauche increased to 3:1 with a 3:1 against Lauren Joel / Nico Mauch. Thomas Clausel was narrowly defeated by Lauren Joel in the fifth set, but Jonas Gauche made a perfect 4:2 victory with a 3:1 against Nico Mauch.

SC Eschenbach – TSV Gaimersheim 1:4

In the second match, favorites TSV Gaimersheim were waiting. The match went clearly 4:1 against the powerful Gaimersheimer. Thomas Clausel v Lubos PinkavaJonas Gauche vs Jean Coderna Beside Philip Baer against Christopher Craft She was clearly inferior with 0:3 sets. The doubles Jonas Gottsche / Markus Thurn took the honorable mention in two sets 3: 2 against Jan Kudrna / Christoph Kraft. Thomas Clausel lost 1:3 to Jan Kuderna and eventually lost 4:1 to the favourite.

SC Eschenbach – TG Wurzburg-Heidingfeld 0:4

In the last match, the defeat was clear 0: 4. Thomas Clausel v Hannes Becker Jonas Gauche vs Alexander Alshimer Both of them clearly lost 0: 3. Philip Baer managed to defeat him 2: 3 against Xiao Cheng Ma Reserve two sentences for yourself. Jonas Gottsche / Markus Thurn lost 0:3 against Xiao Cheng Ma / Hannes Bäcker and so the match went 4:0 to Würzburg.

Great experience

In the end, the winner was TSV Gaimersheim ahead of TG Würzburg-Heidingsfeld. For the players of SC Eschenbach, the experience of participating in the Bavaria Championship was a great experience, and so they returned to their country satisfied with the third place.