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Swiss pension funds keep their nests dry

Swiss pension funds keep their nests dry

Swiss Pension Funds posted a slightly positive return in July. However, this has developed since the beginning of the year well above average.

nope the Credit Suisse Pension Fund Index as well as UBS scan You mentioned a small return on cash register investments for the month of July.

According to UBS, the pension funds examined had an average performance of 0.32% with their investments in the previous month. The Credit Suisse Pension Fund Index (CS) showed an increase of 0.34 percent.

above the long-term average

The values ​​since the beginning of the year are also close. Here, UBS comes in with an increase of 3.91 percent. This is much higher than the annual return since 2006 of 2.97 percent. According to CS, year-to-date performance is 4.22%, compared to an average of 2.91% since the beginning of 2000. BVG’s minimum annual return is 2.03%.

Overseas stocks in the foreground

When it comes to the asset class that made the biggest contribution in July, there is consensus. These were the foreign stocks, followed by the Swiss stocks. According to CS, CHF bonds and real estate were still slightly positive, while FX bonds and alternative investments were slightly lower.

The CS Pension Fund Index reached 196.57 points by the end of July, based on 100 points beginning in 2000.

However, according to UBS, the returns of various funds developed significantly in July. The range is given as 1.65 percentage points. A small pension fund with assets under management of less than CHF 300 million performed the best, with an increase of 1.09 per cent. A medium-sized institute had the worst result, at -0.56 percent.

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