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Swimmer Janine Schilling wins at Tenero

Swimmer Janine Schilling wins at Tenero

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On top of the podium in Tineiro: Swiss emerging champion Janine Schilling of Widnau

The young swimmer from Widnau was able to impress at the Swiss Championships in Tineiro.

On top of the podium is a woman from the Rhine Valley: Janine Schilling, the Swiss champion in the 100m freestyle.

Nuoto Sportivo Locarno organized the largest swimming competition in Switzerland. At the end of July, the youngsters competed in the Swiss Championship at Centro Sportivo. Initially there were 507 athletes from 53 clubs.

During the holidays, the youngsters train intensively for two weeks towards this peak. From the Rhine Valley, but for the swimming club St Gallen-Wittenbach (SVSW), there was Oren Rihanna Waldburger, Janine Schilling of Widnau (both under 14-15) and Joel Schilling, also of Widnau (U13).

Best new character in a row

Waldburger and Janine Schilling started with backstrokes over 200m in summer conditions. Both had the best times, and Schilling reached the second division final. Since the girls and boys always took turns, there was a short break, and then the start over the 200-meter chest. There she reached the A final in third place. Joel Schilling also came in over the 200m freestyle.

The finals were in the afternoon. Janine Schilling narrowly missed the podium with a new personal best result over the 200m breaststroke (2:45.47 min) and finished fourth. Joel Schilling ranked sixth. The day is not over for him. This was followed by the 400m individual medley. As the fifth best under13 athlete, he was satisfied – especially with his best time of 5:24.85.

Not only was the sun shining, but also the faces of the SVSW swimmers. On the second day, they swam in a series of personal best performances. So did Joel Schilling, who qualified sixth in the 200 individual medley for the final. With her personal best rating of 1:00.59, Janine Schilling was the first to swim in the A final in the 100m freestyle. She also qualified for this in the 100-meter breaststroke.

In the final of the freestyle 14-15 under 100 meters, she overcame all her competitors.

The first 100 meters freestyle in less than a minute

She swam for the first time in less than a minute, clocking 59.41s, winning the gold and is the champion of Switzerland. She placed fourth again in the 100m breaststroke. Joel Schilling started from the 800m and also finished fourth, which was very disappointing for him. He placed eighth in the 200m individual medley. On the third day, he set a new personal best in the 400m and finished in 23rd. Janine Schilling also achieved a new personal best and was 37th in the 200m individual medley, and she was 16th over the short distance.

During the night, a strong thunderstorm swept through Tenero. Because of the intense heat, many slept on the balcony and ran to their rooms. Several crew tents at the site were damaged.

Janine Schilling receives a second medal

On the third day, SVSW won five medals; One of them is Janine Schilling. In the morning I reached Final A in sixth place in the 50m freestyle. Riana Waldburger reached the B final at the same distance with a new personal best time. Joel Schilling swam the 100m freestyle and 100m breaststroke and finished 12th and 10th. Janine Schilling focused completely on the 50m freestyle afternoon. She was under two hundred first place and took second place. Despite this, she was very satisfied that she lowered her best by one second to 27.16 seconds.

Waldberger didn’t do well in the B finals, she finished 16th. The competition lasted so long because the Futura finals are now held there as well. So it’s Joel Schilling’s turn again at 6:30 p.m. He finished fifth in the 400m freestyle and set a new personal best.

Finally mobilize the last forces

It was also hot on the last NSM day. Rihanna Waldburger recorded a personal best result in the 100-meter backstroke, and was in 18th place. Because two athletes withdrew from the second-tier final, she was allowed to start from there. Joel Schilling reached the final A over the 200m breaststroke, Janine Schilling in the 200m freestyle.

Waldburger improved to a good thirteenth place in the final. Joel Schilling mustered his last of his powers and finished seventh – again by personal best. Janine Schilling lost 40 milliseconds on the podium in the 200-meter freestyle. After the season is over, we’re back home – and a well-deserved summer vacation. (PD)