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Superstar Adele collapses at a concert

Superstar Adele collapses at a concert

It has long been known that Adele, 35, suffers from severe sciatica. It is now said that there was a traumatic attack while they were performing in Las Vegas. After which the British singer allegedly could not move.

According to a report by The Sun, Adele explained to her fans that she had collapsed backstage. The star was unable to move and a member of the show’s production team found Adele backstage that way.

She is said to have said, “They lifted my whole body off the ground.” The 35-year-old also had to take a break during the weekend’s performance and said, “I’m going to sit and rest my sciatica.”

On New Year’s Eve, Adele explained that she faced these problems as part of her “Weekends with Adele” show in Las Vegas. “For now, I have to say congratulations because I have really bad sciatica,” she said.

“I had my first herniated disc when I was 15 because I sneezed. I lay on the bed, sneezed, and my fifth disc flew,” she said in an interview with The Face magazine at the end of 2021.

Adele’s show in Las Vegas was expanded to include several concerts in March. The shows are currently scheduled to run until the beginning of November.