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Transgender ‘fad’: Makeup company distancing itself from Alice Cooper

Transgender ‘fad’: Makeup company distancing itself from Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper always wears heavy make-up on stage, but is now out of contract with a manufacturer.

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Vampyre Cosmetics has terminated its collaboration with Alice Cooper with immediate effect. The rocker has sidelined himself with controversial statements about transgender people.

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  • Rocker Alice Cooper loses partnership with makeup company Vampyre Cosmetics.
  • The 75-year-old musician recently discriminated against the transgender community.
  • He said the transgender movement was just a “fad”.

In an interview with the magazine “stereoscopic” Alice Cooper has expressed her opinion on medical care for transgender teens. The 75-year-old took the position that these minors were not mature enough to make decisions about their sexual identity. He also dismissed the transgender movement as a “heresy”.

Here is an excerpt from the interview with the rock musician: “I think this is wrong. A six-year-old only gets confused when you say, “Yes, you’re a boy, but you can be a girl if you want.” We have reached the point of utter absurdity.”

how “painting” As he writes, so-called gender-affirming studies have shown a positive effect on transgender teens who struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Cooperation is terminated immediately

Cooper went on to talk about access to public restrooms where violent attacks can occur, for example, if a trans woman wants to use gender-appropriate restrooms: “A man can go into a women’s restroom and spend the rest of his life there.” Anyone who wants can take advantage of this situation.

After the remarks caused an uproar, Vampyre Cosmetics has now parted company with Alice Cooper.

The statement read: “Due to recent comments made by Alice Cooper, we are terminating collaboration with the makeup line. We support all members of the LGBTQIA+ community and believe that all people should have access to healthcare. All prior purchases will be refunded.”

The collaboration with Cooper was announced only on August 14th.

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