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Sri Lankan man finds 100 million gemstones in his garden

Sri Lankan man finds 100 million gemstones in his garden

In fact, a man from Sri Lanka just wants to build a well. Workers encountered 100 million gems in front of his house.

The basics in brief

  • A Sri Lankan has found a precious stone worth 100 million Swiss francs in the park.
  • It is estimated that the cluster formed about 400 million years ago.

This is what you call a lucky day! man from sri lanka digging in front of his house big hole. Helps build a well.

But when you dig, the lucky guy comes to you Giant Gems. The value of this huge model is likely to reach 100 million USDdollar (90 million francs). It all happened a year ago.

Opposite “BBCThe Sri Lankan says: “A worker came across some valuable stones while building a well. Then later we found it by chance Huge test item.»

After one year of testing, it is now clear: the light blue sapphire pressed stone weighs more than 500 kilograms and has a weight of 2.5 million carats. It is probably about 400 million years old.

Have you ever found a lucky find?

Experts and potential buyers from all over the world now travel to examine the stone. “We assume private collectors and museums in particular are interested in it,” says Thilac Weerasinghe, president of the Sri Lanka Gemological Society.

Whether he is also the owner of Gamage’s house, he also wants to be called a discount Involved but not yet known.

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