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Queen Elizabeth has repealed the climate law for herself

Queen Elizabeth has repealed the climate law for herself

In Scotland, people are angry with Queen Elizabeth. The British Queen escaped an important environmental law thanks to her royal privileges.

The basics in brief

  • The Queen used an old royal privilege to evade climate law.
  • Your Scottish topics are “not entertaining”.

Queen Elizabeth (95) has a special status. For years, she has been sailing through England without a permit and flying around the world without a passport.

But sometimes it takes royal leader Too much, Guardian mim research reveals. The British Queen secretly interfered with Scottish climate law to get an exception in her favour.

monarch She took advantage of the dusty privilege that allowed her to influence legislation. She was the only person in Scotland who was exempted from using renewable energies. Excuse me?

The bill aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by using renewable homes energy Instead of heating it with fossil boilers. So people’s property can even be confiscated for this. This is exactly what the Queen wanted to prevent. the Mother From Prinz Charles (72) He is one of the largest landowners in Scotland and seems to want to stay that way.

Are you a fan of the royal family?

The privilege you used is called “Queen’s Consent”. So you must 95 years Agree first before that Parliament A bill can be submitted. “Ambiguous parliamentary action,” according to the Guardian.

Queen Elizabeth Under Fire

The revelation caused a sensation in Scotland. On social media, many angry Scots are taking the issue as an opportunity to claim independence from the Crown.

broke down: Prins Charles And Prince William 39 has campaigned for climate protection for years. Queen Elizabeth’s practices shed bad light on courtship…

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