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Spring Innovations from Oink Games in the short demo |  News

Spring Innovations from Oink Games in the short demo | News

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Japanese publisher Oink Games also has two new products that we would like to introduce to you.

Boom, thud, thud… Scary sounds wake up players holterdipulter In the middle of the night – suddenly ghostly figures appear under their beds. They immediately seize all the talismans they have collected for such an eventuality. But will they be able to drop the correct items with just one hand? It's time to test your own instinct!

Five people gather on a raft Nothing happens without a raft Planks from the sea to expand it. Players guide and load the raft. However, you have to pay attention to the right balance, because if you accidentally move a key person supporting the raft, the whole thing will collapse! Can they be careful enough not to destroy the raft themselves, but rather cause their opponents to fail? In this surprising balancing game, the fun is in miraculously maintaining your balance and preventing collapse – or not!

We currently do not know exactly when the two games will appear in German.

source: Awink Games