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SECURE ONLINE BANKING: Our private CHIP browser helps you

SECURE ONLINE BANKING: Our private CHIP browser helps you

CHIP Banking Browser is primarily easy to use. Once you get started, all you have to do is click on the “Enable Safe Browsing” button and you are good to go Local bank website Requests.

We have already included a pre-selection of the most popular sites for you. If the correct address is not there yet, enter “Sparkasse Berlin” in the search field, for example, and a new browser tab will open with the search results. Thanks to built-in phishing protection, you'll be prevented from falling victim to scammers.

Then copy the link back to the first tab and click “Add.” Alternatively, click the bookmark icon at the top right of the bank page for quick access in the future. You can now securely log in to your bank.

Your input may be further protected if you do this On-screen keyboard activation. When logging in or making transfers, simply tap the corresponding numbers and letters on the screen. Do you have that? Keyloggers There is no chance of secretly recording your keystrokes and possibly obtaining your account information.

In addition, the browser can also be easily used as a secure alternative for added privacy, as all personal data and cookies are deleted from the session when it is closed. To delete. This is behind the “Secure Exit” dialog that appears at the end.