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Spotify is becoming a learning platform in the UK with video courses

Spotify is becoming a learning platform in the UK with video courses

Spotify recently launched a new mini player for its desktop app. This significantly increases ease of use in certain situations. Although initially limited to the United Kingdom, there is now a somewhat larger innovation. Music streaming provider turns learning platform In collaboration with various partners, we offer video courses.

Initially, this new Spotify offering will be launched only in Great Britain. The company also does not create video courses with multiple subjects. Instead, content from partners BBC Maestro, PLAYvirtuoso, Skillshare and Thinkific is used. Also note: Video learning offers are in no way part of a flat rate. Instead, lessons must be purchased for a fee.

However, the video courses can be accessed via the Spotify app. It works on both desktop and mobile apps. Prices for individual courses vary greatly. Video learning options are available not only for premium users but also for free users. According to the music streaming provider, there are good reasons for the move.

Spotify: Video courses bring in more money

According to Spotify, it has been found that the majority of subscribers listen to podcasts that provide educational content. It is logical to expand the options with video courses for those who are interested, thus continuously providing added value. However, if you take a closer look, you will soon see that the company is primarily concerned with commissions, which it must earn by referring customers to its partners.

Video courses don't seem completely disconnected from Spotify's other offerings, which are limited to four subject areas: music, creativity, business, and health. Since this is initially a trial, users will get at least the first two lessons per lesson for free via Spotify. Only then should you pull out your wallet.

It remains to be seen when the new video courses on Spotify will be launched in Germany as well. Acceptance in Great Britain will of course be carefully monitored at the outset. If this experiment is successful, we should soon have access to similar learning opportunities in this country. At least Spotify stands out from the crowd of music streaming providers.