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Small pitch, big pressure: VfL Denklingen faces a particular challenge at FC Hellas

Denklingen – first the tail light, then the table neighbors. VfL Denklingen took the first step towards relegation as quickly as possible in the Southern District League by beating TSV Großhadern 7-2 at home in impressive fashion. The next test will take place on Sunday (12.45pm, Demleitnerstrasse) in the Sendling district of Munich, where FC Hellas is waiting for Markus Ansorge’s team.

VfL Denklingen is a guest at FC Hellas Munich

The gap with Munich has narrowed due to the previous week’s results. A 4-1 defeat at SpVgg Haidhausen greatly reduced the Hellenic lead. There are still four spots for Dinklinger to catch up. But the other trio isn’t just useful given tomorrow’s discount. It will also protect VfL from attack from underground. Because SC Unterpfaffenhofen put an exclamation mark with 5: 2 in Murnau, which they want to give stronger features in the second leg against Deisenhofen.

The stats don’t speak for Dinklager: five points (one win/two draws) is a very meager result in foreign venues so far. “The outdoor table froze me a bit,” says coach Marcus Ansorgi. Only Großhadern and Berg (only one point out) are currently worse off at the “outside table”. Ansorge can only make assumptions about the causes. “Away from home, we might be a little shy.”

Denklinger scored away modestly

In the posterior chain, the VfL cut-outs were often lower, so they automatically acted more carefully. “We don’t like that.” But at the time, a few pillars of the team were missing each week. Among others, Armin Spurrer, who was severely beaten by the guard of Hellas in the first leg Then it fails until winter. Now the captain is back, but he can’t get the fateful scene out of his head. Ansorg speaks of a “faint aftertaste”.

Munich residents are not safe from surprises anyway. In late fall, for example, a catch-up game against BCF Wolfratshausen was canceled after less than half an hour. Once again, the goalkeeper was the focus, only this time the referee was the recipient of uncontrollable emotions. Added to this was the theatricality sometimes common to southern-style troupes. Ansor sees his men as “not weak” in this respect – and the referee is at least not a negative factor if the match is clean and fair.

Hellas is not a proven home power (three wins and three draws from ten matches), but opponents must adapt to their aging mini-turf. “You’re under constant pressure,” says Ansurgy. The coach specially trained the team for this during the week on a tight pitch “with a lot of pressure and quick contact with the ball”. Skill in dealing with these aspects is required. Big plus point: VfL has the same squad available as last week. A constellation that’s just to Ansorge’s taste. “We can get the necessary points with this squad.”