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Schällibaum’s successor was settled: Yverdon found the new coach

Schällibaum’s successor was settled: Yverdon found the new coach

Alessandro Mangiarati follows Marco Schillibaum at Yverdon.


One day after the sacking of Marco Schillebaum, Yverdon-Sport introduced their new coach. Alessandro Mangiarati takes charge of the team.

The 45-year-old Mangiarati was last coach of FC Vaduz between January 2022 and November 2022, and quite unexpectedly led the Liechtenstein side to the group stage of the Conference League last season.

The Ticino player must now make team progress and player development one of his main tasks, writes Everdon in Sunday Media release. He is assisted by Francesco Bargaglia and Alex Weaver.

Yverdon wants a football with more ball control

Mangiarati was chosen by the club’s management because of his modern and very specific style of football, according to the press release. Club president Jeffrey Saunders was quoted as saying: “He is a coach who knows Swiss football, and he worked there as a coach and as a player.”

He continued: “He shares our vision for football, which is based on a clearly defined playing model. Along with him, we want to develop a football that is more based on ball control.