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Roger Federer: This is what he misses most since his retirement

Roger Federer: This is what he misses most since his retirement

Former tennis star

This is what Roger Federer misses most since his retirement

The Swiss ended his career more than a year ago. The 42-year-old is happy today because he no longer has to train every day.


Federer shed a lot of tears when he said goodbye.


  • Roger Federer played his final match in the Laver Cup last year.

  • The 42-year-old does not miss the fact that he no longer has to train every day.

  • He recently revealed in an interview what he misses.

Roger Federer ended his active tennis career over a year ago. Since then, the 42-year-old has appeared in the media from time to time. This is how he introduced himself or spoke at the Laver Cup in Vancouver About his teenage daughters. Now the maestro recently gave information about his career in the German edition of GQ.

The Basel native also spoke about what he misses most since his resignation: “What I miss are the friends that I always saw spontaneously through playing tennis, like my classmates at school. It was great. You now have to actively arrange appointments with them, which is of course a change. But now he is enjoying himself.” With his family more.

More control over your life

Federer also looked back on the past year and revealed that retirement itself wasn’t the most difficult part, but rather: “The hardest part of ending a career is actually the weeks and months leading up to when you’re thinking about how and where you’re going to best communicate that decision.” He did so before the Laver Cup in London, playing his last doubles match alongside Rafael Nadal – and shedding plenty of tears afterwards (see video above).

Federer also said in the interview that he feels relieved that he no longer has to train and play matches every day. “When you notice that your body is no longer working the way you really want it to, it can be very stressful.” The resignation does not seem like a long time ago to him: “I still have the feeling that I put down the tennis racket only five minutes ago.” Federer is thrilled that he can now take control of his life. Before his schedule was always full, but now he can decide more freely what he wants to do.

Federer is still nervous, too

Even after a long and very successful career, the Grand Slam winner still feels nervous. He explains how this manifests itself in him: “Of course there are still moments that I really respect. I usually get a little tired, start yawning, and then calm down so I can really get going. “But there also has to be a little bit of tension, that’s the only way I know for sure that it’s important to me.” But he’s glad this doesn’t happen every day anymore, because it can be very tiring.

Now he wants to focus entirely on his family, on his 14-year-old daughters, Mila and Charlene, and nine-year-old sons, Lenny and Leo. “I want to be there for them, watch them grow and help them with everything the best I can.” On the professional level, he is trying to make the leap from active athlete to businessman. “I want to continue to be a part of the sport, find great partners, participate in it, and help shape it. “I will definitely remain loyal to tennis, and what form we will see next.” You can be enthusiastic.

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