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Refugees from Lampedusa hardly want to go to Switzerland

Refugees from Lampedusa hardly want to go to Switzerland

As SRF reported, many of the refugees arriving in Lampedusa come from West Africa. Since the beginning of the year, there have been about 25,000 people in Guinea and Ivory Coast. However, only 350 asylum applications from people from these countries have been submitted in Switzerland.

Until now, people from West Africa have not necessarily chosen Switzerland as a destination, as the State Migration Secretariat (SEM) explains. “We don’t think many people from Lampedusa will find their way to Switzerland,” says its spokesman.

The Balkan route is more relevant; The most important countries of origin are Türkiye and Afghanistan. The State Secretariat for Migration speaks of a “catch-up effect”: many refugees have been stranded on the move during the pandemic. Now there is great pressure to continue traveling from countries like Türkiye.

In August this year, 3,001 asylum applications were submitted. This is 38 percent more than in July and 47 percent more than in August last year. In addition, there are 740 people in asylum procedures.

In the most likely scenario, the State Secretariat for Migration expects 28,000 asylum applications to be submitted by the end of the year, not including refugees from Ukraine. The residency situation is tense, but a spokesman for the State Secretariat for Migration says: “We assume that we will just be able to cover our expenses.”

The 28,000 asylum applications are not the only scenario for SEM. In another, but less likely, case, 40,000 asylum applications are expected.