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Real Business Class Posts: Cyprus Airways has big plans for its Airbus A220

Real Business Class Posts: Cyprus Airways has big plans for its Airbus A220

The Cyprus airline has purchased two Airbus A220 aircraft. It wants more Canadian flights offering true business class. What Cyprus Airways plans to do.

Even Cypriot President Nikos Christodoulides insisted on attending the event in person along with Cyprus Airways President Paul Cisse. Last July, the island's national airline received two new Airbus A220 aircraft in Larnaca. It had acquired both planes from Air Senegal, which it no longer wanted due to engine problems.

Thus, Cyprus Airways obtained the first Airbus A220 aircraft in a proper business class in Europe. The cabin product was taken over from the previous customer and modified only in branding, remaining with twelve business class seats in a 2-2 seating arrangement and 115 economy class seats. On the other hand, the A320s, which the airline also uses, fly in a 180-seat pure economy configuration.

“Admirable admission.”

The Cyprus national airline is very satisfied with the Airbus A220 after the first few months. “Customers praise the low noise level, the spaciousness even in economy class, and the abundance of daylight through the large windows. And of course our toilet had a view [Anmerkung der Redaktion: die hintere Toilette hat ein Fenster] “It's a real topic of conversation,” says Siss, who recently resigned from his position.

Business class is also well received. “The acceptance is impressive. It's not just about being the only true business class in Europe. “It's about providing an unparalleled experience,” the director continued.

Paul Cease rebuilt Cyprus Airways. Photo: Cyprus Airways

Comfortable seats with a width of 46 inches or 117 cm provide a level of comfort not yet found in business class on European routes. Guests are provided with extra pillows, soft blankets and heated towels, as well as a mandatory welcome drink.

A Wifi and live streaming solution is planned for the A220

The seats can be adjusted to a comfortable reclining position, but not to a completely flat bed, which is not necessary given flight times. There are 220V and USB charging sockets on the seat, but there are no screens for the entertainment system. The airline says it will soon offer a live streaming solution. There will also be WiFi in the future.

The airline is also considering other modifications. “We are considering reconfiguring to 130 economy seats while retaining eight seats in the business section. It is about improving passenger experience and operational efficiency,” says Sis.

New routes planned

Cyprus Airways has been flying for more than six years. According to Sies, the company is positioning itself more and more as an airline offering a unique product on many unique routes.

The fleet currently consists of four Airbus aircraft, two A220-300 and two A320-200. “We are looking to purchase ten more A220-300 aircraft, two of which will be added each year. While they will be leased initially, we are in discussions about purchase options for six of them. A configuration with eight male class seats is also planned here,” explains the Dutchman. Business and 130 economy seats.” “We are following a fairly aggressive strategy to develop the route. “In terms of destinations, I would like to reveal something, but we have found that our competitors have a tendency to imitate.”