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Puzzle: The weirdest and fastest on-track vehicle wins

Puzzle: The weirdest and fastest on-track vehicle wins


The strangest and fastest vehicle on the rails wins

And on Saturday, the annual trolley race was held again on the Drespitze Curve. All kinds of self-made and technical vehicles competed.


“A combination of sports, art and meetings” is how the Christoph Merian Foundation (CMS) describes the annual hand-car race on the bend of the Drespitz track.

Martin Graf

“A mixture of sport, art and meeting with people” is how the Christophe Mirian Foundation (CMS) describes the annual handcart race on the Drespitze Curve, which took place again last Saturday. “A race on the rails – but with muscular strength,” says the online newspaper BaZ. The race attracted hundreds of spectators again this year. Dreesin is a rail-linked vehicle on four wheels that is powered exclusively by muscle power. On Saturday, however, there was also one kind or another of creativity to be admired.

From preschoolers to professional artists, everyone has presented their DIY art vehicles. It was then evaluated and awarded by the jury. “The 2016 Handcar Race was the first project to revitalize the abandoned railroad tracks on the Drespitze track curve,” CMS writes on their website. Since then, the race has enjoyed continued popularity among the public.

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