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Prince William met with hostility after Kate's surgical shock: 'Lazy!'

Prince William met with hostility after Kate's surgical shock: 'Lazy!'

Prince William visited his wife Kate in the hospital after the operation. But instead of support, the heir to the throne faces criticism.

Prince William is taking a step back after his wife's surgery. Critics don't like it at all. – Corner stone

The basics in a nutshell

  • Prince William should listen to his many critics!
  • The heir to the throne canceled several appointments following Kate's surgical trauma.
  • He is now accused of being lazy and ashamed of work.

It's not an easy time for the British Royal Family!

On Wednesday, the terrible news followed one another: Princess Kate, 42, underwent abdominal surgery, and King Charles, 75, also needs medical treatment next week.

Although this is a routine procedure for the king, his daughter-in-law will be away for a longer period. Kate will likely only attend appointments again after Easter.

In order to take care of his wife and children, Prince William, 41, will also be stepping back a bit. The heir to the throne has already canceled some appearances in the coming weeks.

But his critics can't seem to understand it at all. Anti-monarchists are strongly anti-monarchy online. They accuse William of being “shy at work” and “lazy”!

Critics mock Prince William

They mock photos of William during Kate's hospital visit: “Should we applaud him?”

And further: “The PR trick of portraying Prince William as a devoted husband and father who looks after and nurtures the children, even though he has an army of people who support him and does not have to worry financially when he does his job.” Staying at home is completely inappropriate.”

Here Prince William visits his wife Kate in the hospital. – Corner stone

In addition to Prince William, the sick Kate also has to listen to bad things. One person complained that the mother-of-three was “playing the victim” and “taking full advantage” of her operation.

Even medical professionals criticized Kate for her long stay in the private hospital. The princess will remain in the hospital for ten to 14 days after the operation. Kensington Palace announced this in an official statement.

The doctor shoots Princess Kate

A doctor named Dr. Mike, as he calls himself

The term NHS refers to the National Health Service of Great Britain.

The Palace remains mum on why the Princess of Wales underwent surgery. But it is said that it is not cancer.

Otherwise, its authenticity raises many questions. Royal family fans fear the future queen may be seriously ill.

Even the palace staff seem uneasy. “It is unusual for William to cancel so many of his appointments until Easter,” a staff member told Bild.

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Prince Harry (39 years old) and his wife, Meghan Markle (42 years old), were also informed of the health crisis in the royal family, according to the Telegraph. It is not clear whether they contacted Charles and Kate after that. So far, the two have remained silent about the shocking events.