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Play-off semi-final first match – effective Freiburg defeats unfortunate Lausanne – Sports

Play-off semi-final first match – effective Freiburg defeats unfortunate Lausanne – Sports

The third penalty kick against Lausanne in the match brought Gutieron into the game. From the penalty area, Theo Rochette followed Chris DiDomenico's pass to Ryan Gunderson, who made it 1-1 with a powerful shot (22). While Freiburg's outnumbered positions had previously been harmless, Sunnstadt took full advantage of strong play early in the middle third. Goalkeeper Kevin Bache, who was a surprise favorite over Connor Hughes, had to reach behind himself for the first time.

Lausanne's undeserved lead, which Laurence Pilott had secured in the eighth minute, vanished. But the third-placed team did not let the equalizer bother them. He continued to press and made it 2-1, but Reto Berra had something against him.

Saved behind the back

Goteron's goalkeeper caught the puck behind his back with his hand after it had already been hit. Since the officials were unable to determine from video images whether the ball had crossed the goal line, they decided there was no goal (28').


I maintained the upper hand in the first match


Keystone/Peter Klaunzer

In general, Berra always reacted strongly. And if he's not there, he can also count on a bit of luck – the Lausanne side failed to score twice in the first 40 minutes.

Failed coaches challenge

Instead of Lausanne, Freiburg succeeded again. Four minutes into the second half, Mauro Dufner moved away from the blue line. His shot was blocked by Andrey Bykov, making it dangerous and successful.

The score was then checked at 2-1 by the officials because Geoff Ward made a challenge to the coaches. Once again, the images were looked at for a long time, and once again the decision was against the Lausanne team. The visitors saved a penalty kick without conceding a goal, but they were no longer able to respond to the initial deficit, although they pressed hard to equalize in the final minutes. However, Pyrrha had something against him again.

The semi-final series continues on Wednesday evening in Lausanne.