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Personality test: Your choice of animal reveals your dark side

Personality test: Your choice of animal reveals your dark side

New and creative personality test: In this example, you just have to decide based on your intuition which animal in the photos you like the most. Tiger, spider, or black cat? What animal do you like the most and what does your choice reveal about you? The dark side? Find out here by taking a quick look at all the photos.


The tiger symbolizes a mysterious personality. He spreads fear with his bright yellow eyes. Choosing a tiger indicates a patient person who is impatiently waiting for his moment. Even though you have a hard outer shell, you are gentle on the inside. But those who challenge you get to know you from a different side.

Personality Test: Tiger picture: Carlos Lomsky –


Your choice of the eagle suggests an opportunistic nature. You often look for weaknesses and manipulate them to get ahead. With patience and extreme caution, you can avoid dangers and crowds. You sit in silence, plotting revenge on those who wronged you, and you do not easily forget the atrocities. Maybe it’s time to have a clarifying conversation with your opponents or visit a therapist?

Personality Test: Eagle
Personality Test: Eagle picture: Sergey Ryzhkov –


The bear is one of the most misunderstood animals in the wild, reflecting a personality that avoids anger but reacts angrily when provoked. These people have their feet firmly on the ground and will not back down without a fight. They are calm, confident and fearless, but they may sometimes abuse their power to get results.

Personality Test: Bear
Personality Test: Bear picture: Harry Collins –


Your choice of spider indicates that you can be a professional manipulator. You trap others in lies and are constantly improving. You do not particularly value the feelings of others and often see yourself as superior. Your strength lies in planning and constantly thinking about the future.

Personality Test: Spider
Personality Test: Spider picture: Jackson Photography –


The crow has often been associated with negativity in the past, but it also symbolizes intelligence. You are a dark and quiet person. You are cautious in life and do not trust people easily. You are very private and rarely allow others to look into your innermost being.

Personality Test: Crow
Personality Test: Crow picture: Tom –

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The wolf is a sign of dominance. Your choice of wolf indicates a strong, loyal, and protective personality. You prefer solitude, but you also have a close circle of friends you trust. You are prone to procrastinating and waiting until the last minute to complete tasks, but you are peaceful. Unless you are provoked.

Personality Test: Wolf
Personality Test: Wolf picture: AB Photography –

a bat

Your choice of bat shows a very complex personality. You live with determination and a unique view of the world. You live a solitary but fulfilling life, do not adhere to social norms and do not trust others easily.

Personality Test: Bats
Personality Test: Bats picture: robdthepastrychef – Stock.adobe.

black cat

Choosing a black cat indicates introverts who prefer isolation and avoid social occasions. Patience, focus and organizational skills are her strengths.

Personality Test: Black Cat
Personality Test: Black Cat picture: Miller_Eszter –

These images of animals may be used in personality tests as metaphors or symbols to illustrate certain personality traits or characteristics, but have not been scientifically confirmed.

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