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Patriots Bankruptcy: Colts Destroy Mini Brady Super Series - Football

Patriots Bankruptcy: Colts Destroy Mini Brady Super Series – Football

Now the Patriots have got back!

New England loses in the NFL to the Indianapolis Colts. With 17:27, he broke the streak of super victory after seven straight successes.

The Patriots’ first loss to the Colts since 2009.

A setback for another outstanding quarterback Mac Jones, who follows in the footsteps of legend Tom Brady with the Patriots.

Minnie Brady Jones and his team were recently one of the favorites in the Super Bowl – but not like that…

The ponies get the first points! Nyheim Hines culminates trick game with landing. With an extra kick: 7:0!

Ooooooh, what’s going on here? The Patriots attack Jake Bailey’s shot deep in his own half is blocked and rolls into the end zone. EJ Speed ​​runs on it at full speed and catches the egg. drop! With an extra point: 14: 0!

The wild ride continues! 17: 0 on every field goal goal Michael Badgley.

It comes after a thicket of Patriots: Defender Darius Leonard gets a Jones pass – just as the guests were about to score here for the first time. German Jacob Johnson can at least bring Leonard to Earth.

At the start of the second half, Mac Jones missed again – interception again!

And three more points on a field goal for the Colts. Back by Badgley. 20: 0!

What is going on there? Patriots’ Matt Godon and Colts quarterback Carson Wentz scramble in the middle of the field, screaming at each other.

Nerves are very tense. On both sides! A little later, there was a quarrel between the two teams. Even a helmet fly – and rule! Two players fly off the field at the end. Withdrawal time!

At the beginning of the fourth quarter finally the first Patriots points! Mac Jones Throws Hunter Henry – His Landing! With an extra point of 20:7 only.

Guests fall short. But only this time with a field goal – 10:20.

The Patriots are catching up point by point! Henry with his second touch in the game. With a kick only 17:20, two minutes before the end.

But the ponies hit back! Jonathan Taylor runs halfway through the field to the landing. 67 yards! With kick now 27:17! Decision two minutes before the end? Yes!


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