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Opening of the beach volleyball court – Ringsheim

Opening of the beach volleyball court – Ringsheim

It has been in heavy use for a few days now, and the new beach volleyball court in Ringsheim has now officially opened. The idea for this came during youth hearings.

During the opening match, Mayor Pascal Weber also hit the ball over the net of the new beach volleyball court after enthusiastically praising the construction of the new “beach arena” on the sports fields next to the former basketball court near the multi-purpose court. Hall.

The idea for the space project came about during a youth listening session in Ringsheim held in 2022. At the event, young people expressed their desire to create a central meeting point for themselves. As a first step, a small “youth shelter” was built as a shelter and another basketball hoop was installed in the gymnasium/all-weather court of the Gymnastics and Sports Club (TuS). The local council has now allocated €20,000 for the beach volleyball facility. It was carried out by the company Lar Kopf, with support from the local construction yard.

To Mayor Pascal Weber’s great surprise, the company’s plant manager Simona Thorsten Fu brought a donation check for €10,000 to the side of the road to mark the day. “The company wanted to thank you for getting along well in the community,” Thorsten Vo said. Weber informed that the already requested and announced special purpose donation from the Sparkasse Foundation will provide further relief to the local exchequer.