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NVIDIA’s R100 GPU: Blackwell B100 successor named after Vera Rubin

NVIDIA’s R100 GPU: Blackwell B100 successor named after Vera Rubin

According to the latest information, NVIDIA’s upcoming GPU architecture will be named Vera Rubin. Vera Rubin was an American astronomer who made major contributions to the understanding of dark matter in the universe while pioneering work on the rotation rate of galaxies. Their findings indicated the presence of large amounts of invisible mass, now known as dark matter, which affects the gravitational dynamics of galaxies. The planned tribute by NVIDIA is entirely appropriate, as Vera Rubin played a crucial role in today’s perception of dark matter.

Although kopite7kimi did not explicitly state that NVIDIA’s next GPU architecture would be named after Vera Rubin, he did mention it in a post on X and revealed potential SKUs with the “R” branding in another tweet. The new architecture is expected to replace the Blackwell 2025 naming system and it is possible that the new GPUs will appear with the letter “R”. However, it is important to note that NVIDIA has not officially used or mentioned the names R100 or GR200 yet. The successor to the Blackwell B100 GPUs is still referred to as the X100 or GX100. However, Kopite, who has a good reputation when it comes to GPU names, seems to think that the X100 series may be delayed and the R100 GPUs will be launched instead.

It will be interesting to see what naming system NVIDIA eventually chooses for the successor to the Blackwell B100 GPUs, which has been officially confirmed. NVIDIA’s Blackwell GPU classification is used for both HPC/AI GPUs and gaming GPUs. However, it remains to be seen whether the “GR***” naming convention will be adopted from Rubin’s game series or whether the build will be seen in some form in the consumer sector. Since the collection’s launch is still years away, we won’t know until the launch date gets closer. However, there will certainly be exciting times ahead.

source: kopite7kimi