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Nintendo of Europe Hauptquartier Frankfurt

Nintendo loses trial at Frankfurt Higher Regional Court after complaint from consumer organization – The Tower

announced three years ago Consumer Counseling Center Germany in cooperation with the Norwegian consumer protection advocates, Nintendo Europe sue (inform us). The subject of the operation was not present Cancel pre-orderswhich have not yet been activated at the time of cancellation and are therefore not usable. The Consumer Advice Center saw it right of withdrawal In the event of a risk, where you cannot, as required by law, cancel online purchases within 14 days without giving a reason.

The Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt am Main agrees with consumer rights advocates

After the defeat at the Regional Court in Frankfurt am Main, he was in Recruitment process The Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt may overturn the decision of the Regional Court. The court affirms the right of withdrawal and forces Nintendo to offer a cancellation option for pre-orders. According to the Consumer Advice Center, Nintendo has already responded and, among other things, has adapted the German version of the Nintendo eShop. If you choose a file Verdict Interested, you can do it Here Read slowly.

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